Dost thou in a manger lie


Dost thou in a manger lie


three unaccompanied voices

  • Premiere: 19 December 2008 / The Phoenix Concerts / Church of St. Matthew and Saint Timothy, NYC / Ruth Cunningham, Gilda Lyons and Elaine Valby, voice
  • Instrumentation: three unaccompanied voices
  • Duration: 5'
  • Text: Traditional

Program Note

Arrangement of a tune by Ruth Cunningham.


Dost thou in a manger lie, who has all created

stretching infant hands on high, Savior long awaited

If a monarch, where they state? Where thy court on thee to wait?

Royal purple where? Here no regal pomp we see;

Naught but need and penury. Why thus cradled here?

"For the world a love supreme brought me to this stable;

all creation ot redeem I alone am able.

By this lowly birth of mine, sinner, riches shall be thine,

matchless gifts and free; willingly this yoke I take,

and this sacrifice I make, heaping joys for thee."

Christ we praise with voices bold, laud and honor raising;

For these mercies manifold join the host in praising;

Father glory be to thee for the wondrous charity

of they son our lord. Better withness to thy worth,

purer praise than ours on earth, angels songs afford.

-text from Episcopal 1982 Hymnal # 97