Etz Harimon


Etz Harimon


two voices and cello

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  • Premiere: 10 September 2007 / The Center for Jewish Culture, New York, NY / Seraphim (Gilda Lyons, Elaine Valby, Robert La Rue)
  • Instrumentation: two voices and cello
  • Duration: 3'
  • Text: Traditional

Program Note

Commissioned by Seraphim.


Ëtz harimon natan rëcho

bën yam hamelach ad y'richo

shav chomati g'dudëch mindod

shav tamati dodëch midod

otzrot ofir utzri gilad

rechev mitzrayim shalalti lach bat

elef hazemer etle lach magën

min hay'or ad hayardën


The arrow returns to its bow; 
the plucked pomegranite pines for the tree; 
so does this soldier yearn for his loved one. 
Wait for me, dear, for evening descends.